4 Fun Ways Burning Calories

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woman happily with hula hoop 4 Fun Ways Burning Calories

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Childhood is the most fun periode. We can run, jump, climb trees without shame and, importantly, without us knowing it, we burn calories. But as we mature, we never again do such things. Even if we do, usually just ran. Even then we did on the treadmill. Life as an adult is often merely a series of routines, including how we burn fat.

If you are getting bored with your fitness routine, there may be a good idea to try a new way to burn fat. Inspired by what we play when we are children, the following activities are very fun and burn enough calories. In addition, research shows that the more relaxed and fun activities we are, the more we would not think twice about doing it (and of course would be more effective if it is associated with the burning of fat).

1. Hula Hoop

If as a child you liked to play with a hula hoop, you can try to do it again. Choose a hula hoop slightly larger in size than the version used by the children, because it will be easier for you to keep it spinning. Exercise with hula hoop will help shape your stomach flatter and shape the curve of the waist. This exercise will burn about 306 calories per hour.

wall climbing man 4 Fun Ways Burning Calories

2. Climbing Wall

If you used to love to climb a mango tree neighbors, so-so relive your childhood memories. But do not look for a tree in a neighbor’s house, on the contrary, you may want to consider to join the club climb walls. Typically, clubs like this will help new members by providing very clear explanation about this sport, sometimes even up to provide tools that you can use. This exercise can burn about 528 calories per hour.

3. Trampoline

If the trampoline is your favorite toy when a child, maybe you must try this third alternative. You can buy a mini trampoline that is now being sold in sporting goods stores and start the day with a jump. Jumping up and down on a mini trampoline can provide multiple benefits for you. Not only burn more calories (exercise is proven to burn calories up to 567 calories per hour!) But the sport also will not burden the joints in your legs, as opposed to jumping rope.

man hiking adventure 4 Fun Ways Burning Calories

4. Adventure

If you are adventurous and like to play once in order to find the treasure, you’ll probably like this one. You can follow any clubs that would crawl down the path that had been prepared earlier in the forest. To enhance the adventure, you can propose to the committee of the club to put the items that must be passed in the woods. Although the impression is very light exercise, it turns out quite a lot of calories burned as well, which is about 612 calories per hour, based on research conducted in women weighing 75 kg.


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